Letter to Berthoud Surveyor


Speaking as one of the “mosquito people”, all of our correspondences with Mayor and Trustees are on public record. We have been respectful and considerate with every inquiry and letter.  

Subjects covered in our correspondence and addresses concerned the following:

The ecosystem here in town, which naturally supports low numbers of mosquitoes as evidenced by trap data.

Lifecycle of dragonflies. The most voracious mosquito predator is one of the most fragile members of our ecosystem. Dragonflies can take up to two years to repopulate. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, reproduce every 7 to 10 days.

Larviciding is preemptive, stopping the mosquito larva from developing into adults – the most safe, effective protocol to protect our citizens from bites and WNV.

The toxicity of the product being sprayed has not been well published. Permethrin is a neurotoxin, combined with PBO, an enzyme inhibitor, making a much more toxic formula than permethrin alone.

Damage to bees and major bee losses in Berthoud. AquaKontrol’s own information sheet has this warning: “Bee Warning: This product is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment on blooming crops or weeds. Do not apply to blooming crops or weeds ..”

Evidence of danger to pregnant women, small children, the elderly and ill from exposure to AquaKontrol 30/30.

Areas of standing water around town can be eliminated or treated with larvicide.

Five independent entomologists all recommended source control and larviciding as the primary and most effective practices for heading off mosquito populations.

Concern for organic gardens, food forests, and flower gardens all over town.

Long term effects of pesticide use, and the practicality and efficacy of larviciding.

Our efforts all along have been focused on the health and well being of all Berthoud citizens and the beautiful ecosystem of this charming town.

Sarah Wadleigh, Clinical Herbalist/Organic Gardener

Sign Our Petition to Let the Town of Berthoud know

I would like to invite you to sign a petition to be submitted to the Town Board of Berthoud regarding the issue of mosquito spraying.

Sign the petition! 

* * *

Last August, the Town of Berthoud conducted an “Emergency Spraying” of pesticides over the entire town.  Unfortunately, it was not an emergency and toxic chemicals were sprayed putting at risk the environment, beneficial insects, animals and human health.

Additionally, shut-offs to chemically sensitive people were not honored and inadequate notice was provided to the citizens of Berthoud.   This decision compromised the risk of chemical exposure to our health (people were told to stay indoors during the spraying for at least 4 hours) and to our organic gardens (some people were out of town or unaware of the spray).  The spraying was triggered by a vague and poorly written resolution that was passed in 2015.

We believe the board has taken steps in the right direction.  During the March 28th Town Board meeting, a ¾ mile larvicide application perimeter around town was adopted to strengthen source reduction.  Larvicide is one of two of the strongest methods to get rid of diseased mosquitoes (the second is education) as noted by the Larimer County Department of Health and Colorado Mosquito Control.

Larvicide prevents mosquitoes from hatching by putting a naturally occurring bacterium in water areas where mosquitoes are known to breed.  This superior method strongly prevents the emergence of adult mosquitoes and WNV in our community.  Larviciding has successfully worked for 5 years here in Berthoud with only .001% of people reporting WNV in the entire area of Berthoud.  Out of the these reported cases, it is uncertain if they even contracted WNV in Berthoud, another town or state.

The only time that the Larimer County Department of Health has issued an emergency was in 2003 at the onset of WNV.  Spraying pesticides should only occur under true emergency conditions as deemed by CDC or Larimer County Department of Health.

The cities of Denver and Boulder successfully employ a Larvicide and Education only policy stating environmental and health concerns caused by spraying

We are requesting that you sign this petition in support of a strong larvicide program combined with public education about self-protection and source reduction on private property.   We are also requesting that you sign this petition in support of spraying to be done only when an emergency condition is declared and conducted by the Larimer County Department of Health.

* * *

Sign the petition! 

Contact the board!

Contact the board!

Send an email to the Mayor and the board of Trustees stating your opposition to spraying for mosquitos.

Our Trustees are people like you and me. They are members of our community who have stepped up to make a difference in the town. They have families and full-time jobs in addition to their Trustee duties … which I have learned are many.

Here are some simple guidelines to make sure you message get through and is well received:

  • Keep it short and to the point

    Stay on message and make it so it fits on one page (no scrolling).

  • Use bullet points

    Bullet points help simplify the information and make it easier to take in.

  • Be polite!

    Even if you are really upset. Hostile, angry emails don’t elicit a positive response. They work against our cause. So, be polite and respectful and your message will be well received.

When you send an email to the board, send it to everyone in the “To:” field. That way when they reply with “Reply all” everyone on the board sees it.

Here is a link to the Board and their emails: