Topics to write or speak about

Here are some ideas to write or speak about:

Organic gardens
• I want to keep my gardens organic

Environmental concerns
• Concerns about the effect of insecticides on other (non-target) insects
• Concerned about hurting the dragonfly population
• Concerned about the bat population if we take away their food

Human and animal health
• I have chemical sensitivities
• I am concerned for my pets
• I am concerned about my children
• Effect on older adults
• Impact on respiratory issues

Resolution 15-16
• Poorly written
• Gives too much authority to the contractor
• Turns a recommendation in to an emergency
• Does not respect shut off requests
• Poor notification

Violation of property rights

What chemicals are they using
• Aqua-Kontrol 30-30
• Health effects of permethrin
• Health effects of Piperonyl butoxide
Health effects of Petroleum distillate

Ecological solutions
• Support our bat population
• Increase dragonfly population
• Enhance use of larvicide

Concerns for breeding grounds
• Old tires
• Over watering
• Agricultural areas

Or simply state, “I would like to add my name to the list of those who object to mosquito spraying in Berthoud.”

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