Contact the board!

Contact the board!

Send an email to the Mayor and the board of Trustees stating your opposition to spraying for mosquitos.

Our Trustees are people like you and me. They are members of our community who have stepped up to make a difference in the town. They have families and full-time jobs in addition to their Trustee duties … which I have learned are many.

Here are some simple guidelines to make sure you message get through and is well received:

  • Keep it short and to the point

    Stay on message and make it so it fits on one page (no scrolling).

  • Use bullet points

    Bullet points help simplify the information and make it easier to take in.

  • Be polite!

    Even if you are really upset. Hostile, angry emails don’t elicit a positive response. They work against our cause. So, be polite and respectful and your message will be well received.

When you send an email to the board, send it to everyone in the “To:” field. That way when they reply with “Reply all” everyone on the board sees it.

Here is a link to the Board and their emails:

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